Hemisphere Capital Management Inc.

Leave a Lasting Charitable Legacy.

The Hemisphere Foundation

We believe in making a difference by helping others in our communities. We pursue that goal through financial support and volunteering our time and talents. Our philanthropic efforts reach a diverse set of causes driven by our employees, clients and the communities in which we live.

We know that many of our clients share the same philosophy of giving back. We established the Hemisphere Foundation in 2017 to promote philanthropy by offering our clients a simple and convenient way to assist with their charitable giving through the use of a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF).

A DAF is a tax preferred charitable investing account created under the umbrella of the Hemisphere Foundation. Through a DAF, clients are provided with virtually the same benefits as a private foundation without the set-up costs and ongoing administration headaches.

A minimum irrevocable contribution of $25,000 in securities or cash is required to establish a DAF. As a philanthropic vehicle, a DAF provides flexibility for giving to registered Canadian charities of your choice. A minimum of 3.5% of the account value must be distributed each year while the remainder can continue to grow to leave a lasting charitable legacy.

A donation also provides notable tax benefits. Clients receive a charitable donation tax receipt for the full amount donated in the year given. You can also minimize capital gains by donating securities with a low-cost basis.

If a DAF does not work for you, clients are also able to make a charitable donation for a lesser amount directly to the Hemisphere Foundation. This provides similar benefits to a DAF though the distribution of your donation is made in support of numerous local charitable initiatives as selected by the Hemisphere Foundation.