Hemisphere Capital Management Inc.

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A Trusted Wealth Management Firm Serving Regina

Today’s financial markets are very complex. This makes investing increasingly difficult. The right investment manager is critical to achieving financial success. This is true whether you are an individual contemplating a strategy for your own retirement savings or a trustee with responsibility for someone else’s funds.

Originally founded in Saskatchewan in 1993, Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. has been a trusted financial advisor to the Regina community for over 30 years. Though we are now based in Calgary, we still have many ties to Regina through our existing wealth management clients and partner firms. We continue to offer our services to help Reginans reach their financial goals.

Why Choose Hemisphere?

Wealth management is a trust-based industry. This naturally leads to more local tendencies so you are closer to your financial advisor. We know and appreciate this. However, we are tied to the Regina community. We travel there on a regular basis to meet with our existing clients and partner firms. We strongly believe that a small geographic barrier will not hinder us from building trust.

As an independent and employee-owned firm, there are many benefits from choosing us are your financial advisor in Regina.


We understand the serious challenges that come with managing wealth. Our experience and reliable investment management services simplify the process. This provides peace-of-mind for our clients.

We offer two levels of discretionary, fee-based investment management services. Rigorous attention is paid to client communication and reporting.  We stress regular client consultations and provide concise, readable portfolio statements.  This emphasis on total transparency means that clients are regularly informed as to the management, performance and fees related to their investment portfolio.


Serving clients with integrity and accountability is the essence of building and maintaining strong, long-term client relationships. Our team is constantly focused on this. Our investment professionals have more than 50 collective years of investment experience. They are registered portfolio managers with recognized designations so you can trust they are always acting in your best interests.


There are no distractions from the political and organizational pressures often encountered in larger organizations. This ensures objectivity, true independent thinking and ultimately the ability to invest “outside the herd”. As a boutique investment management firm, we are able to undertake timely, effective buy/sell decisions when required – no bureaucracy here.