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Discount Bonds: The Price and Interest Rate Teeter-Totter

One question we get asked is, “Why is the coupon on this bond so low compared to the current interest rate environment?” This is typically due to bonds being purchased at a discount. Discount bonds offer similar returns to other bonds but with potential tax advantages. What are Discount Bonds? Discount bonds

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Treasury Bills: Understanding Short-Term Government Debt

Treasury bills, often called “T-bills”, are a key part of the financial markets. They serve a crucial role in both government borrowing and investment portfolios. These securities offer investors a low-risk opportunity to earn income. What is a Treasury Bill? A T-bill is a debt obligation issued by a government with a

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The Hemisphere Approach to Wealth Management

Q: My financial advisor has talked about different wealth management styles. What is Hemisphere’s style and what investment management approach does Hemisphere use? A: As an independent wealth management firm in Calgary, we consider ourselves to be “Value Investors”. There are five broad stages that our financial advisors typically use as part

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