Hemisphere Capital Management Inc.

At Hemisphere Capital Management Inc., we recognize that investment management goes beyond simply managing you wealth. It is about empowering you to achieve financial freedom at every stage of your life. Whatever that may be.

Independent Wealth Management in Calgary

Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. is an independent and employee-owned wealth management firm in Calgary. We provide discretionary investment management services. For over 30 years, our financial advisors in Calgary have helped individuals, families and foundations across Canada reach financial freedom.

Financial Freedom at Every Stage of Life

You are building your path to retirement, even if it may not be top of mind.  You may even just be starting on your path and are looking for direction. Let us help take care of your wealth management.

Retirement is just around the corner. You have worked hard for your money and want to ensure you have enough to enjoy retirement. Let us help provide the financial security to get you there.

You are enjoying retirement or have enough assets to retire but do not want to yet. Wealth protection is a priority. You may be focused on estate planning and leaving a lasting legacy. We can help.

No matter what stage you are at, you want to make a difference by helping others. The Hemisphere Foundation lets us help our clients with their private charitable giving through a Donor-Advised Fund.

Your Investment Success. Our Passion.TM

True Independence

Not all financial advice is the same. Many “financial advisors” are simply brokers or sales-focused people looking to sell a proprietary product on behalf of a large institution.

At Hemisphere, we are employee-owned and employee-run. We always provide an unbiased approach to help you grow your wealth. Our registered wealth managers in Calgary manage your assets as if they were our own and invest in the same securities as you. This way we are fully aligned with your success. We call this ‘Eating Home Cooking’.

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Flexible and Transparent Services

Many large investment firms in Calgary use mutual funds or externally-managed funds they have little control over. This approach may lead to one-size-fits-all solutions and layered fees that are not clearly reported.

We offer tailored investment management services to meet your needs. Our services offer total flexibility, transparency and no hidden fees.

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– For portfolios greater than $750k.

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– For portfolios between $250k and $750k.

Steady Investment Growth

Successful private wealth management comes from steady compounding over time. Allowing your wealth to grow while protecting your capital is key to achieving financial freedom.

At Hemisphere, we know you have worked hard for your money. We would rather consistently achieve good results than risk falling short reaching for great ones. Our approach means we make all of our decisions with this mindset.

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Our Insights

We stress the importance of education in each of our client’s wealth journey. Discover our latest newsletters and insights.

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2024 has seen a sizeable jump in the price of gold.  After trending in the $USD 1,800 to 2,000 range for the past three years, the price of gold has increased 20% year to date.

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2022 was a very difficult year for the global financial markets.  Both North American stock and bond markets suffered double-digit negative returns.  As measured by the Nasdaq Index, technology stocks fared the worst, ending the

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Treasury bills, often called “T-bills”, are a key part of the financial markets. They serve a crucial role in both government borrowing and investment portfolios. These securities offer investors a low-risk opportunity to earn income.