Hemisphere Capital Management Inc.

With today’s complex financial markets, tailored service is critical to success. Through the right financial advisor, you can achieve financial freedom at every stage of your life. Our Calgary-based wealth managers are focused on this goal.

Hemisphere is an independent wealth management firm in Calgary. We provide discretionary investment management services. For 30 years, we have helped individuals, families and foundations across Canada reach their financial goals.


A Personal Interest in Your  Success

Evaluating advisors based on their independence and overall objectives is key to choosing the best financial advisor for you. You want someone who is aligned with the goals in your financial plan and therefore looking out for your best interests.  

At Hemisphere, we always provide an unbiased approach to help you grow your wealth. Our financial advisors manage your assets as if they were our own and invest alongside you so we are fully aligned with your success. Learn more about what to look for in a wealth management firm.

True Flexibility and Transparency

Flexibility and transparency are important considerations when it comes to wealth managers. Many firms and banks use mutual funds or externally-managed funds they have little control over. These funds may also charge their own fees that are not clearly reported.

We offer tailored investment management services to meet your needs. Our Private Portfolio Management service uses individual securities so there is total flexibility and no layered fees. Our Select Managed Portfolios offers a more structured approach while still maintaining flexibility and in-house investment decisions.

Steady Investment Growth

Successful private wealth management comes from steady compounding over time. Allowing your wealth to grow while protecting your capital is key for your nest egg. It is important to choose a financial advisor that recognizes this and invests according to your financial plan and desired level of risk.

At Hemisphere, we know you have worked hard for your money. We would rather consistently achieve good results than risk falling short reaching for great ones. Our conservative approach means we make all of our decisions with this mindset. See how this mindset is reflected in our Performance.

Registered Portfolio Managers

Not all financial advice is the same. Many “financial advisors” are simply brokers our sales-focused people looking to sell a proprietary product. Often these products are not the best solution for you.  

Building long-term relationships through tailored service is the key to our business. We ensure that all of our clients deal directly with a registered portfolio manager. Our portfolio managers hold a fiduciary duty towards our clients so you can trust that as financial advisors, we are always acting in your best interest. Learn more about Our Team in Calgary.


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