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Select Managed Portfolios

With the emergence of robo-advisors and do-it-yourself solutions, the misallocation of risk can challenge your financial freedom. We strive to make discretionary portfolio management more accessible through a structured approach. Our clients benefit from portfolios that reflect their unique needs and goals, while better managing investment risk. No matter the size of your portfolio, our clients deal directly with the portfolio manager overseeing their assets.

The Select Managed Portfolio service is an actively managed portfolio management solution for clients with investable assets between $250,000 and $750,000. Hemisphere’s pooled funds form the basis of our service by providing a cost-effective and tax-efficient means of executing our investment strategy. We also use select exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and individual securities to round out the strategy.

We provide discretionary portfolio management through a holistic process. This is an ongoing process that requires regular review to capture any personal changes throughout your wealth journey.

Through a diligent discovery and consultation process, we learn about your goals, constraints and risk tolerance.

Using the details from the discovery process, we develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which is reviewed at least annually. The IPS forms the basis for your asset mix and the investment decision-making process.

We utilize our pooled funds, evaluate select ETFs and individual securities to build a diversified portfolio that reflects the framework established in your IPS.

Select Managed Portfolio clients receive Hemisphere reports on a quarterly basis and generally meet with their portfolio manager on an annual basis. During these meetings, we address any changes to your financial circumstances to ensure your portfolio continues to align with your goals. We get into the finer details by thoroughly reviewing the portfolio holdings and discussing the financial markets.