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The Hemisphere Approach to Wealth Management

Q: My financial advisor has talked about different wealth management styles. What is Hemisphere’s style and what investment management approach does Hemisphere use? A: As an independent wealth management firm in Calgary, we consider ourselves to be “Value Investors”. There are five broad stages that our financial advisors typically use as part of our investment …

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The Way We Were

2022 was a very difficult year for the global financial markets.  Both North American stock and bond markets suffered double-digit negative returns.  As measured by the Nasdaq Index, technology stocks fared the worst, ending the year down over 30%.  In Canada, the average return for a Canadian balanced fund was a loss of 12%. Hemisphere …

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The Dollar Safe Haven

The recent strength of the U.S. dollar highlights the extraordinary flight-to-safety of international investors following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Since the invasion, the euro has declined 11% – a 20-year low. The British pound has fallen 14% – an astounding 37-year low. The Japanese yen, another major currency, has dropped 20% – …

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Valuations Matter

The first-half of 2022 proved to be a challenging time for global financial markets. High inflation, rising interest rates, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and persistent supply-chain challenges have acted as a myriad of headwinds for financial markets. Notable indexes for both risky assets (stocks) and less-risky assets (bonds) have suffered double-digit losses since the start of the year. On a relative basis, client portfolios have performed well and have continued to protect capital during the market weakness.