Connected Counsel

For 30 years, Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. has forged successful, long-term, strategic alliances with numerous professional services providers. The Connected Counsel platform brings partner firms together with these alliances to further enhance the value added to client relationships.

By delivering a holistic approach to managing a client’s financial concerns and objectives, the Connected Counsel platform can simplify the complexities of navigating financial advice and enhance your client relationship.

Through this platform, CPA, financial planning and other partner firms can establish a referral arrangement with us where your clients can access our investment counselling services. A formalized referral arrangement allows our firms to come together to offer connected advice to clients while adding value to your firm. We always recommend a non-exclusive referral arrangement because, like you, we have a diverse range of clients with differing needs. We know that you need flexibility in managing your client’s affairs and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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Our client-focused approach to managing portfolios for clients has enabled us to be an important resource in expanding services available to partner firms. As a boutique investment firm, we offer unconstrained portfolio management solutions that provide the flexibility needed for managing diverse client needs.

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  • ENGAGE – Collaborate with us on how the Connected Counsel platform can add value to your client relationships and firm.
  • CONNECT – Connect the dots in your client’s financial life by implementing your new services offering.

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In an increasingly competitive and ever-changing environment, it is vital to stand out from the crowd by offering exceptional value and service to clients. Connect the dots in your client’s financial life by becoming a Connected Counsel member.

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