• In today’s business world, truly personalized service is the exception.
  • We are passionate about client service.  Building long-term relationships through highly personalized service is the cornerstone of our business.  Our “client centered” approach ensures that all clients deal directly with the decision maker (portfolio manager) managing their assets.  There are no relationship managers or corporate contacts in our client service process.
  • Rigorous attention is paid to client communication and reporting.  We stress regular client consultations and provide concise, readable portfolio statements.  This emphasis on total transparency means that clients are regularly informed as to the management, performance and fees related to their investment portfolio.
  • We undertake extensive initial and on-going consultations with clients to ensure our understanding of their investment needs, goals, expectations and other considerations.  From these consultations we formulate a formal investment policy statement (IPS) that serves as the road map for the management of their investment portfolio.  This also provides the “big picture” which allows us to effectively communicate with our clients’ other professional advisors (financial planner, legal counsel, tax/accounting, insurance, etc.).
  • All client accounts are segregated with safe-keeping provided by third party custodians (usually bank-owned discount brokerage firms or trust companies).  Clients receive a comprehensive quarterly investment report from Hemisphere, monthly custodial statements and an annual tax package for taxable accounts that provides detailed information to simplify preparation of personal, corporate, trust or estate tax reporting.  If desired, clients can have online access to their investment accounts.
  • We offer two levels of discretionary, fee-based investment management services.  The day-to-day investment decisions, reporting and administration are carried out by Hemisphere.  These are as follows:

Private Portfolio Management   Select Managed Portfolios

In any endeavor, success is best achieved when goals are defined and strategy is well planned.  This is especially true with investment management.