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Corporate Principles

  • Investing is our passion – Analyzing companies and markets is something we do daily; it is this passion that ultimately leads to the investment success of our clients.
  • Serving our clients with integrity and accountability – This is the essence of building and maintaining strong, long-term client relationships.
  • Acting solely in our clients’ best interests – Investing alongside our clients ensures that our principles and values are aligned with theirs; we treat their assets as if they were our own.

Investing Principles

  • Independence of thought – We think for ourselves; other business interests, recent investment returns and consensus views do not shape our investment approach.
  • Value investing – Our business is one of identifying “undervalue” in the financial markets; we want to own “good” companies, but at the “right price”.
  • Disciplined approach to managing money – Conviction in our insight and decision-making approach facilitates the analytical framework to successful and reliable investing.
  • Investing with a “margin of safety” – Our conservatism means we would rather be reasonably certain of a good result than hopeful of a great one; good investing is about avoiding mistakes.
  • Maximizing long-term net worth – We are not market timers; successful investing is about effective asset allocation between equities (“risk assets”) and bonds (“safe assets”).

Hemisphere Philosophy