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Corporate Profile

Today’s financial markets are very complex. This makes investing increasingly difficult. The right investment manager is critical to achieving financial success. This is true whether you are an individual contemplating a strategy for your own retirement savings or a trustee with responsibility for someone else’s funds.

Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. is an independent investment management firm based in Calgary. We have been a trusted partner in managing the financial assets of affluent individuals and families, trusts, foundations, and estates since 1993.

Trusted Partners

We understand the serious challenges that come with managing wealth. Our experience and reliable investment approach simplify the process. This provides peace-of-mind for our clients.

We have a solid, long-term investment performance track record. Also, we bring proven expertise in managing every aspect of a client’s wealth. This includes accumulation, growth, preservation, and distribution.

We are successful when our clients are. Our efforts are motivated, measured, and rewarded based entirely on our clients’ progress towards their objectives. We also invest alongside our clients to align our values with theirs. Additionally, we are completely independent. Clients can expect entirely objective investment counsel. These factors distinguish us from many other investment managers. Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. truly is different.

Hemisphere Corporate Profile